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drunk!Fic: "Slightly Delirious" (written for orlijah_month2010)

Title: "Slightly Delirious"
Como Agua Para Chocolate, para siempre... Teh Prettyiness of Pretty. Light Versus Dark... oh thou cerulean sky.. (wtf nevermind) =P
Lipgloss. Peanuts. Jellybeans. Abuse of the word Tequila & muses´ love for the word “Fuck”.
PG13 for tequila- kisses and too high bar counters.
None of the people mentioned herein have absolutely never been drunk IRL. And if they have, I will not know how fun that would be. *cries*  Thing is; I don´t know if Liv fancies Gabbana, if Dom likes to play with straws, if Elijah has a secret list, If Ian feels young, If Billy has measured the height of a bar, or if Orlando ever had jellybean-legs. Clearly; I don´t know shit, except maybe the joys and trials of tequila. The rest is a glorious lie with the purpose to shamelessly entertain feed ev0l & pervy fangirls with innocent!actor´s public personas. What? Other people watch soap operas damnit!
Liv has heels. Dom is not Jimi Hendrix. Orlando has logistic issues. Elijah drinks everything almost once. Billy can´t juggle. Ian is neither really young nor really arrogant.
And the last thing anyone is going to remember;  is the tequila-race. Right?

lisabellex   - who kicked my ass or I would have buried myself in bitten nails. *squishes & thanks*
A/N: Any grammatical errors and crossinvented-sliced!up words belongs to the drunkards appearing in this story. I´m innocent! Since everyone in their own state of mind drove me completely nutz with their twists and takes on a complete shitfaced evening a long time ago, they´ll have to share the grammar-burden. (They are all still slightly hangover´d btw). Hallelujah.
Weird things happen these days and I blame it all on the damn tequila and too much Orlijah-goodies to taste this month! STOP DISTRACTING ME!  (Also, I´m so tired of the tequila-word right now that I´m considering never drink it again. The real one, not the word. On the other hand that might be to go too far.)

I´m having a headdesk-relationship with my writings for orlijah_month   --->> *This* initially started out to be a First!Kiss-drabble from where it very early on clearly took the shape of a non-drabble instead (just to piss me off) and refused to cooperate until it now has found its place – purring, in the bootylicious Dance!Orlijah- prompt #22. Not that there is much actual dancing going on, but yeah. Peace is achieved. Oh-yay! Drunk!Fic =D

Please Click for a bit of deliriousness!
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