illuins_lair (illuins_lair) wrote in orlando_slash,

"Say Yes"

Title: “Say Yes”

Author: illuins_lair

Pairing: Orlando/OMC (who is it? I want to know)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: It’s just a simple word and Orli has forgotten the rest..

Disclaimer: No I don’t own anybody, it’s just my poor head that is temporarily possessed, and No – money haven’t been made from this twisted brain-activity.

A/N: Un-beta´d so all mistakes are mine (and I blame it on the muses that forced me to write it down; not shutting up even once, nor listening to any attempts of grammar-correction.)

Also the Orli-muse didn’t tell me who he’s being the Yes-man with. If anyone gets a clue – please let me know..

Say Yes..

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